Auto DX - Auto Data Exchange , a collaborative initiative by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Automotive Components Manufacturers Association (ACMA) developed by IBM. Auto DX is an Electronic Data Interchange platform for seamlessly integrating the Auto OEMs and auto component manufacturers on a common data exchange standard. Auto DX is delivered on a Business-to-Business Cloud based Platform that has the power to transform the Automotive Industry by accelerating the movement of data & reducing transaction cost.

PrimeNumerics offers a full range of EDI transaction sets used for the creation of shipping and freight information, including Trading Partners, Logistics, Electronic, Paper, Barcode/RFID Labeling, Banks & Government and much more!

PrimeNumerics’s Auto Xchange solution is your affordable one-stop solution for integrating your electronic information exchanges seamlessly with your business partners.

Our service supports virtually all facts of Commercial, Logistics, Financial & Engineering. It converts data into any format required, controls processes according to configurable rules, connects all major ERP-systems and monitors these processes.

Auto Xchange Solution:
  • Discontinuous Information Flow – Current Technology and processes create a discontinuity of information flow for increasingly complex supply chains.
  • Unstandardized Data Exchange – Data exchange between OEMs and suppliers happen through individual OEM portals and in different formats.
  • Break in Digital Flow – Manual Intervention leading to delays & information loss.
Get better results:

When you choose PrimeNumerics’s Auto Xchange solution, you get an automotive-specific solution that lets you:

  • Focus on your core business—manufacturing.
  • Support your business wherever it goes around the world.
  • Bid on, and close, more business knowing that you will be compliant.
  • Drive efficiency to your shop floor in your shipping process and order management.
  • Have one common business practice across the globe and present one face to all your customers.
  • Be business ready quickly.
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