Advance Data Analytics

Leveraging your Manufacturing data & harnessing its value is essential to address your Reliability & Maintenance challenges...

  • Large amount of asset related data
  • Predictive analysis & Unified access to data
  • Extensive plant & equipment risk analysis
  • Increasing asset availability & reliability
  • Reducing unplanned downtime & total cost of Plant investment
  • Identifying underperforming assets

Manufacturing Analytics is a solution built for Manufacturing Performance Management and Effectiveness. It provides capabilities for integrating and leveraging data from ERP and other applications. Its tools data warehouse, data models, statistical models and ready to use content helps to jumpstart adoption of advanced analytics for Enterprise Manufacturing Management.

Benefits for Business:
  • Leverage ERP & related data effectively
  • Better manage Lean, TPM, Six Sigma initiatives
  • Improved productivity, better reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Powerful predictive analytic capabilities
  • Performance & Root Cause Analysis
  • Regulatory compliance (Health, Safety & Environment)
  • Increased energy efficiency, throughput & sustainability
  • Overall increase in ROCI and lower TCO
Benefits for IT
  • Customizable Manufacturing analytics solution to jumpstart with prebuilt DW data models, ETL, metrics, scorecards, reports, KPI’s, OLAP
  • Ability to integrate data from sources outside of ERP, such as ERP, time attendance systems, condition data, etc.
  • An interactive discovery tool for reporting and analytics to support a broad spectrum of person as from power users to business managers
  • Less risk compared to building BI/Analytics solution from scratch
  • Improved server performance, scalability & administration capabilities
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