PrimeNumerics’s MDM consulting services equip you with the deep expertise and scalable resources required to continually create and maintain master data standards and models, as well as leverage and reuse common and accurate business data.Our approach to MDM delivers a complete view of information on demand, while increasing data integrity at each data source. Our master data management solutions are based on an accurate matching process that links the data in disparate information systems.

Today’s enterprises are drowning in data. Companies demand comprehensive, flexible solutions for their critical business data processes – both inside and outside the enterprise.

New advances in outsourced delivery of Master Data Management (MDM) can provide an effective mechanism to securely manage and propagatethe information across the enterprise.

Business Challenges for ERP:
  • MDM solution assessment
  • MDM server solution design and implementation
  • Migration from other MDM platforms
  • Upgrades from previous versions
  • 24x7 production support and maintenance
  • MDM integration with ETL tools
Business Benefits:
  • single unified view of critical data assets that have the potential to significantly enhance the bottom line
  • Enhanced effectiveness of the most important business processes by leveraging data effectively
  • Increased productivity and reduced IT maintenance costs through elimination of outdated and redundant systems and records
  • Seamless integration with legacy applications through our enhanced MDM solutions
  • Facilitation of strategic, accurate and timely business decisions, e.g. faster mergers and acquisitions
  • Effective distribution of relevant data to end-users with easy-to-use tools that simplify data consolidation and distribution
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