PrimeNumerics has expertise and enough knowledge to make sure your system can always give you what you need to deliver business results. We offer managed services from tracking patches to complete outsourced management of your ERP solutions.

Quality Data Preparation
  • Multiple data sources with voluminous data
  • Identification of good & bad data
  • Need for reliable analysis
  • Lack of data uniformity
  • Data in non- reportable format
  • Cleansing data manually
  • Laborious quality data preparation
  • Complex data validation
Managing Analytics Infrastructure
  • Lack skilled & trained professionals Hiring full time resources
  • Huge capital investment
  • Lack expertise & experience
  • Developing libraries from scratch
  • Losing focus from core business functions
  • Cost control
Manufacturing Data Quality Services
  • Manufacturing data audit & quality Analysis Manufacturing master data development
  • Manufacturing data dictionary development
  • Manufacturing data cleansing & validation
  • Ongoing support
Managed Services for Analytics Infrastructure

  • First and Second Level Support Reporting & Analytics
  • Application Management
  • Analytics Server Administration
  • ETL Server Administration
  • Reliability Reporting Repository
  • Database Administration
  • Software Migration & Upgrade
Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Leverage vast amount of data from disparate sources
  • Turnaround Time
  • Cost Savings
  • Improve ERP/ Enterprise Solution Data Quality their by quality of analysis
  • Increase Breadth of Analytics
  • Flexibility of getting help as and when needed
  • Can eliminate in-house Analytics IT infrastructure management
  • Rapid Time to Value
ERP Data Preparation for Analytics Readiness

  • No need to hire and manage personnel with various skills (Statistics, OR, BI , DW, Programming)
  • Increase throughput of personnel to analyze & leverage vast amount of data
  • Free up company personnel from routine labor intensive activities
  • No necessity to build IT Analytics¬† infrastructure
  • Offshore and onshore services to reduce labor cost
  • Augment internal team with Business Analytics subject matter experts
  • Increase effectiveness by getting Timely & Comprehensive Analysis
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