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Colin Powell.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Suites
14 February 2013
Christopher Iervolino, John E. Van Decker
Corporate performance management supports cost optimization andgrowth initiatives. CPM is a suitable fit for nearly all organizations, andshould be a priority initiative for CFOs to enable the finance functionsnecessary to deliver short- and long-term strategic benefits to the business.
Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence andAnalytics Platforms
5 February 2013
Kurt Schlegel, Rita L. Sallam, Daniel Yuen, JoaoTapadinhas
The dominant theme of the market is that data discovery becomes a mainstream for BI and analytic architecture. The market also increased its activity in real time, content and predictive analytics.
The Forrester Wave™: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2014
3 July 2014
Boris Evelson
The Agile BI market is growing because more AD&D professionals see Agile BI platforms as a way to address their top challenges. This market growth is in large part due to the fact that AD&D pros increasingly trust Agile BI providers to act as strategic partners, advising them on top business, data, and information agility decisions.
The Forrester Wave™: Financial Performance Management, Q3 2013
11 September 2013
Paul D.
Finance professionals today must plan and analyze faster and more often. FPM vendorsoffer flexible and highly scalable forecasting and performance measurement capabilities that can analyze both internal and external data. As these solutions evolve, they will enable companies to see the future with more clarity and analyze performance in real time.
Competitive Differentiation through Innovation inBusiness Intelligence
May 2013
Making the Most of Existing and Emerging BI, Analytics, and Big Data Tools .
Maximize Your Chances of Business Intelligence Success
24 July 2013
Martha Bennett and Boris Evelson
Processes and frameworks are vital project ingredients, and BI initiatives are no exception. What makes BI projects different is the need for agility. But this doesn’t mean having to adopt an “Agile” methodology as such. The important point is not to stick to traditional waterfall methodologies, which are unsuited to the majority of BI projects.
The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2013
18 December 2013
Boris Evelson
Firms no longer have to make a choice between less expensive, ERP-embedded, but often inferior BI tools and a best-of-breed BI platform from an independent vendor - a common conundrum in the past decade. In the modern world, BI platforms can be embedded into a broader enterprise software suite and still be open and best of breed.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service
27 January 2014
Pezzini,Yefim V. Natis,Paolo Malinverno,KimihikoIijima,Jess Thompson,Eric Thoo
As organizations increasingly adopt the cloud, directors of integration must enableintegration acrosson-premises and cloud applications and data sources. This MagicQuadrant evaluates providers ofcloud-based integration platforms designed primarily,but not exclusively, to tackle this challenge.
9Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
24 July 2014
Eric Thoo, Mark A. Beyer
The demand for data integration tools emphasizes broad applicable use, a well-integrated portfolio andinteroperability with information and application infrastructures. Flexible deployment and scalability arestill expected, while interest in business-facing and platform-as-a-service models grows.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites
3 July 2014
TerrenceCosgrove,RobSmith,ChrisSilva,BryanTaylor,JohnGirard,and MonicaBasso
The mobile device management market has evolved into the enterprise mobility management suites market.EMM is growing quickly,and the vendor landscape has changed significantly,which will impactITleaders'choices.
Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems
7 March 2014
Mark A. Beyer, RoxaneEdjlali
Entering 2014, the hype around replacing the data warehouse gives way to the more sensible strategyof augmenting it. New competitors have arisen, leveraging big data and cloud, while traditional vendorshave invested — which will force improved executionfrom new technology companies.
19 February 2015
3 July 2014
Gareth Herschel, Alexander Linden, Lisa Kart
Predictive analytics and other types of advanced analytics technology arebecoming major factors in the analytics market. This Magic Quadrantevaluates 16 leading providers of advanced analytics platforms that areused to build solutions from scratch.
Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools
7 October 2013
Ted Friedman
Buoyed by strong and accelerating demand, the market for data quality tools grew substantially in2012, and many of its smaller vendors capitalized on customers' desire for faster implementations,lower total cost of ownership and more flexibility. This report will help you find a suitable vendor.
The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q3 2014
30 September 2014
Christian Kane, Tyler Shields
Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which 10 vendors lead the pack. Trend Micro,Absolute Software, LANDesk, Kaspersky Lab, and McAfee offer competitive options. TheLeaders balance OS, app, and data management functionality while providing flexiblecontainer options and productivity apps, and have demonstrated a strong vision and roadmap to help customers bring their PC and mobile management strategies together.
Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites
17 March 2014
Teressa Jones, W. Roy Schulte, Michele Cantara
Gartner's iBPMS Magic Quadrant positions 13 vendors focused on real-timeagility, process optimization and other hallmarks of intelligent businessoperations. Early adopters are implementing IBO now; however, allorganizations should factor iBPMS into their BPM planning horizon.
16The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014
27 February 2014
Mike Gualtieri and Noel Yuhanna
Hadoop is unstoppable as its open source roots grow wildly and deeply into enterprises.Its refreshingly unique approach to data management is transforming how companiesstore, process, analyze, and share big data.
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