Gain Actionable Insights

CONTROL® gives you the freedom to access, explore and evaluate data and interrelationships and uncovers seemingly hidden problems and opportunities in a familiar Excel based environment.

CONTROL® enables you to look at your business from every conceivable multidimensional perspective, interactively change the dimensions, aggregations, and granularity and go where the analysis takes you — right down to source level transactional detail. Navigating through megabytes, even gigabytes, of data takes just few seconds


  • Easy to use and pre-built Business Intelligence
  • Dynamic, interactive data access, aggregation, navigation and manipulation
  • On-the spot calculations
  • Unlimited filtering and sorting
  • Re-usable selection and detail via filters and branches
  • User defined exception highlighting
  • Dynamic pivot, slice & dice, compress, expand, rotate, nest, stack and graphing
  • Effortless drilling
    • through dimensional detail
    • through associated models
    • beyond to the transaction level “source”
    • Ad-hoc analysis and creation of new views
    • Public
    • Private
  • Un-limited ‘views’ for role based users
  • Creation of ‘views’ from web interface
  • Automatic ‘form’ creation for easy navigation (Dashboard, Graphing, KPI’s e.t.c)
  • Automatic creation of Microsoft Analysis Cubes from CONTROL® models, views for enterprise wide users


  • Analyze profitability
    • By Customer
    • By Product
    • By Region
    • By Department
    • By Project and so on
  • Dynamic, interactive data access, aggregation, navigation and manipulation
    Drill up or down on consolidated elements, suppress zero, freeze rows or columns, expand above on rows, expand left on columns. CONTROL® allows you to re-slice and dice the data, nest the dimension and can be saved as new ‘view’ without tampering the original analysis view/report.
  • What if scenarios
    Powerful features such as Lock, Back solve, transform wizard helps to perform various what-if scenarios. The impact of the change on one business measure would be reflected on all the dependent measures instantaneously. Also, since all the models are inter-linked, the effect will also be reflected on the financial statements such as balance sheet, cash flows, KPI’s. Thus providing better insight on the future performance. Thus enabling sensitivity analysis
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