Innovations and Technologies

PrimeNumerics applies the best practices in delivering the forefront products to achieve comprehensive solutions. Our combination of technical excellence and domain expertise across the industry verticals, allows us to help global enterprises significantly in improving their business performance and achieve critical objectives. Utilizing defined techniques, processes and methods, our consultants delivers industry leading solutions and services, while reducing overall project cycle time. As a trusted partner to clients across the globe, we strive to understand plans for growth and identify opportunities where the client can leverage best practices.

PrimeNumerics team facilitates a quicker and better defined set of core requirements for the customer review. PrimeNumerics has various engagement models depending on needs, circumstances and customer's preferences. We bring the right combination of technology, service offerings, process framework and business process knowledge realize the maximum ROI from their IT investments.

PrimeNumerics applies Six Sigma practices for continuous improvements, and ensures the highest levels of information security. Different practices monitor the quality of its customers' engagements using well-defined metrics and measures. These metrics are monitored uniformly across projects and engagements.

All projects are monitored using metrics that measure performance, productivity and compliance to customer requirements. Our quality processes are designed to facilitate monitoring and improvement in solutions and services.

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