Unlock Your Data Goldmine

CONTROL® allows users to easily access right information at the right time. It takes the enterprise reporting to unique levels with the ability to generate multiple ad hoc views of data in seconds from multiple business systems. Moreover you can determine the output format and send the reports to the recipients all through a single application, database


  • On-the-fly” multi-dimensional financial and operational report generation
  • User defined report formatting
    • Conditional formatting
    • Exception reporting, filtering and ranking
    • Graphs and charts
    • Embedded images
    • Ready-to-publish financial statements
    • Boardroom quality reports
    • Shareable re-usable formatting templates
  • Unlimited number of storable templates on either the database server or on local or network drives
  • Embedded hyperlinks in context
  • Granular security: Users only see data and reports they have been granted access to
  • Anyone who can see data can comment on it
    • Drillable comments
  • Prototype Reports
  • Report books
    • Auto-generated Table of Contents
  • Navigable reports
    • Pivot and rotate
    • Slice and dice
    • Expand and compress
    • Drill-down to dimensional detail
    • Drill-through associated models
    • Drill-beyond to “the source”
  • Instant ad-hoc analysis from any report layout
  • Snapshot “point in time” VIEWS
  • Scheduled reports
  • Zero effort web publishing requiring only the user’s internet browser for access
  • A single report can be generated using data from multiple sources
  • Generate reports including P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, EBITDA, equity and fixed assets
  • Directly from Excel, a user can simply select one of CONTROL®’s out-of-the-box or custom-added templates. Within seconds, you have a ready-to-go, formatted report. And with CONTROL®, adding rows, columns, charts and graphs to standard or custom template is never a problem.
  • The generated reports can then be delivered across the enterprise securely, regardless of the location and in virtually any particular format including PDF, Excel and HTML


  • Customized multidimensional reports
    Individuals throughout a company can create custom reports at any time based on multiple data dimensions such as expenses by department or sales by product or region. Reports can also be shared and distributed in designated formats or kept private by a single user
  • Choice of reporting format
    You are not restricted to a single reporting layout. Its completely user defined and reports can be generated in excel, PDF or text files. Moreover, end users can select their desired ‘Reporting’ Template and convert CONTROL® data view into the same, without any process like reporting tool, publish, synchronies e.t.c
  • Reports on the fly and ease of distribution
    With CONTROL® you can quickly design and print financial and operational reports at moments notice and automate the sending of the report via email, PDF, or publish on the MS Share point Portal.
  • Zero effort web reports
    Requires only the user’s internet browser for access, the users access the report via internet or intranet from their corporate portal.
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